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WITS helps kids manage conflict

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Bullying has been around for a long time. Unfortunately, now it has reached epidemic levels. Most of the time, people are bullied because they are different instead of embracing their differences. Bullying behavior often emerges in childhood, and the consequences for victims can last a lifetime. For this reason, Be You By Ella is taking a stance to stop bullying and has partnered with WITS, and part of the proceeds from sales through the online store will be going to stop bullying.

Started in 1998, The WITS Programs (formerly Rock Solid) Foundation is a Canadian charity dedicated to nonviolence in society, safe school and community environments for kids, and providing children with the tools to respond to negativity.

We train educators and community leaders in our whole-community approach to ending peer victimization and bullying. The award-winning WITS Programs started in Victoria and have since spread into elementary schools across Canada, into the USA, Brazil, and – most recently – Belgium.

Forest Road


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Our planet needs us and we're here to help her. For every purchase you make on our site, we will be donating $1.00USD to plant one tree in British Columbia, Canada through ONE TREE PLANTED.

Since 2014, they have more than doubled the number of trees planted each year, and are working with partners across 43+ countries in North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Pacific. One Tree Planted has planted over 40 Million trees so far and we invite you to help them plant more. Give back to the environment, create a healthier climate, protect biodiversity, and help reforestation efforts. With your support, we aid in environmental conservation and restoration across the globe!

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