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Be You by Ella was a brand conceived to positively contribute to the world on many levels. From its Eco wear to its choice of color palette matching various skin tones, the brand is purposeful from its conception to its styles.

Be You by Ella is committed to raising awareness about racism and the bullying & discrimination that might come from it. The purpose of the various skin tone colors that are highlighted throughout the brand is to send a clear message of owning who you are and not just the garment.

Be You by Ella is conscious of the need to create a better and safer planet for our children and humanity as a whole. The brand’s belief is: “If you feel good, you do good”. With that being said, Be You by Ella pledges to give part of its sales to WITS who does wonderful work for anti-bullying and discrimination. Also, we have partnered up with One Tree Planted, and one US dollar of each purchase on our site will go towards planting a tree in British Columbia, Canada.

A few words from the owner & founder: “This brand came to be because of a strong belief in individuality and acceptance. We want you to feel comfortable in your skin! No matter what people say to you, we want you to feel so empowered that those words do not affect you, hence the design (the umbrella over the “YOU”) of our logo. Always stay true to who you are and own it!”

Be You by Ella invites you to purchase with a purpose!

About us

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